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You Only Live Once You Only Live Once

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I love your Crazy Sense

But your a Phag. I loved the endings but i cant even play again even if i delete my cookies. Did you read a previous review and fix it? I love the joke you gave, but i seriously wanted to show this to my friends. Can you put a hidden replay button anywhere...? Please? I mean It has a lot of replay value, due tyo the fact that you cant replay it.

Hedgehog Launch 2 Hedgehog Launch 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is a Great Game But it's Broken

I love the original and this game. Everything about it is great, the concept, the gameplay, the nice simple graphics, everything.
There are some things you need to change and would be fun to add.

The game becomes extremely short. It may take only 10 minutes to beat the game because of how it is. It shortens the fun. The Upgrades should be more expensive, there should be more upgrades, and add more places to reach in the next installment.

Also Free Play mode doesnt make it more fun. You could have kept the moon there, and when you go up really high, past 10,000 ft. its a bitch to get back down. I dont even have to put effort and i pass 27k ft after a launch with everything fully upgraded. Then I go past 40k ft if i try, and even to 60k. But getting back down is so annoying because the platforms keep blocking you and giving you a jump. You also never lose fuel because of the fuel sucker. Why dont you remove that and replace it with fuel pickups? I have to wait a long time to get down to earth. You need to remove the amount of platforms, and put a difficulty level to decide the amount of platforms. Also make it so your highest elevation is recorded as a high score. I'm not talking about the highest durng a game. Highest overall. Add more lplaces to get to, so people have a goal. Add another galaxy. And also make it so you can customize the hegdehog because others may have a different style for the hedgehog, and dont want to be forced to keep the hedgehog the same way. But other than all this, the game is fine. It has a lot of potiential, I hpe you get to read this review and make a new Hedgehog Launch in the Near Future. Thank You. ^_^

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Mario-Combat Mario-Combat

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Awesome game, needs some improvement.

This game was beautiful. I liked how the screen doesn't stay fixed, and that zooms in and out.
The gameplay was pretty decent. Jumpng, moving and the simple, attack button. But It lacked something. There were barely much combos, and if there were more then you should have made a combo list. And only the A button as an attack needed some serious improvement. You should have added some special attacks, like a fireball, seriously why does bowser have fireball and ground stomp but not mario? And Power ups, Game seriously needs power ups.
Everything else was decent. But, WHERE THE HELL WAS PEACH?
Why would mario just attack bowser for no reason? The game was seriously short. Just a few levels, I think there was 3, and then bowser. The bowser fight was so hard! He was mad cheap, it me like 10 tries to beat him. And in two of those tries, I was about to win when this really sucky glitch came in when bowser kept jumping and this giant pool of fireballs kept comeing out of his mouth and then I died instantly. And the fireballs, always stay for the next round so I lose health right away when I try to fight him again. Also, ground stomp and fireballs shouldn't be his only moves, look at smash brothers, they gave him a bunch of moves to use. like the spinning thing and the grab. And ground stomp shouldn't be continuous. You can also make it so you can choose more characters, but I won't take points off for that. But the game lacked a story. Add in a story please, even if its a simple one. The game seems aimless without one. But in the end this game is pretty awesome and it made it to my favorites.

Now, if you plan on making a new game. Then be sure to add in these:
+ Some more combos and attacks.
+ Some extra characters and bosses
+ A story, even if simple.
+ More places to go through before finally beating the game.
Now things to fix:
+ Cheap boss
+ The Bowser fireball glitch

Over All

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